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At it's core, our company is all about bringing trendy and innovative solutions to the plant industry. We get that people are tired of the same generic plants in the same generic pots, and are looking for something new and exciting! It is our mission to bring you products that you will be proud to buy, and want to show them off to your friends and family.

Our Products

We strive to offer unique plant products that are adorable, eco-friendly, and easy to care for all at the same time. Although this seems to good to be true, we're able to do it! Our crates are made using recycled old pallets, the plants we put inside these crates require very little care, and besides all this, they look adorable on any indoor surface. 

Our Customers

We are very excited to see our dreams coming true with this business, but we realize that none of this would be possible without the help of our customers. All our products are designed and brought to market with the customer in mind, and so you can be sure you are receiving top quality products when you buy Designs by Kait and Mike!  

Our Products

Triple Plant Crate

The triple plant crate is our flagship product as it is the first crate ever manufactured by Mike literally in his backyard. Traditionally we were only putting three succulents in the crate and selling it that way, but we have since added other plants to the mix. Other popular combinations in this crate include an orchid between two succulents, kalanchoe, cyclamen, etc. 

Motivational Crate

When we think perfect gift, this is exactly what comes to mind. This crate is made from recycled pallet wood just as all the others, and includes an inspirational word on the back of it. The inspirational word, the recycled material and the eco friendly plant make it a truly unique item and perfect gift!

Single Plant Crate

This crate is somewhat simpler then our other products, but is still unique and adorable in its own little way.  It's a popular item for wedding favors as its simple yet adorable!

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