Who's Kait and Mike?


I grew up working at a family owned garden center. People say I'm known for my creativity in creating custom planters for customers patios and decks. I like to think my experience with plants and making designs with them makes me the brains behind our business. 


I also grew up working with plants at a family run greenhouse. My favorite hobby is wood working, and so starting a business by creating unique containers for plants out of wood seemed like a no-brainer to me. That being said, if Kait is the brains behind our business, I must be the muscle. 

Kait & Mike

That's right, not only are we business partners, but were also engaged! We met in high school and the rest is history. As millenials who both grew up in the greenhouse/plant industry, we have a unique perspective into what it is that people today are looking for in plants, and what new things can be done with plants to make them fun to buy!