See how each of our products is handcrafted!

Step 1: Harvesting Pallet Wood

Pallets are the most common thing that stuff is shipped on. The problem is that once something is delivered and taken off the pallet, the pallet is often left to rot! We find these pallets that were left to rot, and bring them to our shop where we disassemble them, take out the old nails and send them to the cutting station.

Step 2: Repurposing Pallet Wood

Once the pallet wood is taken apart, we cut it up into the size pieces that we need to construct our crates. Whatever scrap pieces of pallet cannot be used are thrown into a fire and reduced to ash. Rather then let these pallets rot away, we use up every last bit of them!

Step 3: Constructing the Crate

After cutting the pallet boards into the size pieces we need, we assemble the crate. This is the most time consuming part of our production chain, and so its not uncommon to see a bunch of Kait's brothers with nail guns pounding away!

Step 4: Branding each Product

When each crate is assembled and sanded down to get rid of any sharp edges, we apply our logo to each crate. We want to make sure that whenever you see one of our crates, you know it came from none other then Kait and Mike!

Step 5: Putting it all together

Once the crate is all put together and branded, we add the plants. We hand pick each plant variety that goes together in a crate to ensure that the colors and texture match perfectly. This is where Kait's expertise comes in handy. 

Step 6: Bringing our product to you

Finally, once the crate is put together and the plants are in it, its ready for you! The plants get delivered fresh to your local store and sit on the shelves waiting to be picked up by their new owners!